The Clock Barn

508-867-7475  Now open Wednesday through Saturday 10-4 and other days and times by chance or appointment

Clock repair Service:

The Clock Barn offers Antique and modern pendulum clock repair and service

in our own shop by Bob Davenport.   You will receive honest service at a fair price

if you choose us to help get that Mantel clock,

Wall Clock or Grandfather clock running again.

We repair many types of clocks including:  Grandfather, Grandmother, Antique, Mantle, Mantel, Wall, Chiming, Cuckoo, 400 day, Anniversary, Tall case, Wooden Works, Quartz, Electric,Tubular Chime and More!

What our Clock Repair Service Usually consists of:    (but is not limited to)


  • Disassembly of the movement  (The only way to clean it properly!)

  • Remove, clean and inspect the mainsprings in spring driven clocks including those that are contained in barrels........clean, replace or repair as needed

  • Checking the escapement area and polishing. repairing and adjusting as needed

  • Polishing the pivots

  • Rebushing any holes in the clock plates that are worn

  • Repairing parts as needed such as bent or broken wheel teeth

  • Cleaning using hand and/or Ultrasonic methods

  • Reassembly and adjustment

  • Oiling and lubricating with quality products

  • Testing for the proper running duration and regulating