Howard Miller Shreveport Grandmother Clock

Grandfather clock with beautiful carved round bonnet.  Circa  mid 1800's. 8 day time and strike movement w/ gong strike. 

A selection of some of our antique mantel clocks

Herschede Grandfather 5 tubular chime clock. Beautiful sound!

Morbier wall clock

8 day time and repeat strike 

Standard Electric Clock Co.

24 inch large dial

Case condition is wonderful shape

The Clock Barn

Unlike most Antique shops, Antique dealers, consignment shops or flea markets most of the Antique and Vintage clocks that we sell are guaranteed to run!


Seth Thomas Bundy time clock missing time recorder  Beautiful case

English Tall Case Clock


Thomas Lawson, Kighley, UK

Seth Thomas Clock Co.

Arcade -- Circa 1913

31 day time only movement, 18' dial, 24 inch overall

Movement has been overhauled

The dial has been repainted 


Early American tall clock. New England region, painted black pine case. 8 day time and strike on a bell

​A Bundy Manufacturing Co.  Binghamton, NY 

19th century time recorder wall clock, original dial and movement.  Time recorder part missing. Movement overhauled. Black finish with gold tone details

Cuckoo clock corner


There are many more Antique and Vintage Clocks in stock and our stock changes constantly!

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