The Clock Barn

Clock repair Service:

The Clock Barn offers Antique and modern pendulum clock repair and service

in our own shop by Bob Davenport.   You will receive honest service at a fair price

if you choose us to help get that Mantel clock,

Wall Clock or Grandfather clock running again.

We repair many types of clocks including:  Grandfather, Grandmother, Antique, Mantle, Mantel, Wall, Chiming, Cuckoo, 400 day, Anniversary, Tall case, Quartz, Electric, Tubular Chime and More!

We do not work on balance spring clocks such as Alarm clocks, Ships bell clocks,

and small wind up table clocks. If you are unsure what type of clock you have contact us here. 

We have stopped working on Wooden works clocks (clocks with wooden gears and plates).

What our Clock Repair Service Usually consists of:    (but is not limited to)


  • Disassembly of the movement  (The only way to clean it properly!)

  • Remove, clean and inspect the mainsprings in spring driven clocks including those that are contained in barrels........clean, replace or repair as needed

  • Checking the escapement area and polishing. repairing and adjusting as needed

  • Polishing the pivots

  • Rebushing any holes in the clock plates that are worn

  • Repairing parts as needed such as bent or broken wheel teeth

  • Cleaning using hand and/or Ultrasonic methods

  • Reassembly and adjustment

  • Oiling and lubricating with quality products

  • Testing for the proper running duration and regulating